Never act as if you’re the victim; because you’re not. You only forget the whole story from the very beginning.   And nor I am a victim. Never again. — Because i know the pain. And I learn to accept my corrupted mind since the very beginning.  

I took a slow, deep breath, and spoke to him as calmly and carefully as I would address a child. “Sometimes people hurt each other without ever meaning to, simply by being who they are, simply by existing. I know this. The fact that you believe such a promise could be kept shows that there […]

“I used to love the great mysteries of life, the uncertainties, the not knowing. I always thought it was so necessary to our journey.” – C. Ahern   And I thought was “good bye”, sometimes, is a second chance to continue the journey..

I always said that i love my messy hair, how it looks and how it tangled around. I always enjoyed each time people said that i looks like someone who just wake up, and that’s fine.. I like my self like this. And i don’t want to change. I want to stay the same. But… […]

I want to fall in love. I want to fall in love with myself; with the way my smile is, with the color of my eyes, or the size of my thighs. I have to fall in love with myself before I can allow someone to fall in love with me.   (Kc)

“I’m weird in my own way while you’re weird in your-own-view-of-what-weird-means-to-the-society’s way.” –@adjivira   Be weird and happy… You don’t need to be like other people to enjoy your life.. Remember, every single person is different from one to another. Don’t ask people to be the same because if it’s happen to you, it’s hurt… […]

I wake up to a chirping bird on a tree next to my window. It sounds very sad. And I realize, that bird was alone; Just like me. It reminds me of you. I don’t understand our relationship; Sometimes we’re friends, Sometimes we’re more than friends. Other times, i just a stranger to you…

Rindu namun takkan pernah bertemu, seperti menulis puisi di atas pasir, lalu ia tersapu gelombang. Tidak tahu bisa berharap atau harapan itu seperti buih yang hilang ketika menyentuh pasir. Kenyataan itu hampa. Hampa dari derita maupun rasa bahagia. Sedangkan hidup adalah kebohongan; Jadi, sejauh mana perjalanan ini akan kau teruskan?