Never act as if you’re the victim; because you’re not. You only forget the whole story from the very beginning.   And nor I am a victim. Never again. — Because i know the pain. And I learn to accept my corrupted mind since the very beginning.   Advertisements

I took a slow, deep breath, and spoke to him as calmly and carefully as I would address a child. “Sometimes people hurt each other without ever meaning to, simply by being who they are, simply by existing. I know this. The fact that you believe such a promise could be kept shows that there […]

“I used to love the great mysteries of life, the uncertainties, the not knowing. I always thought it was so necessary to our journey.” – C. Ahern   And I thought was “good bye”, sometimes, is a second chance to continue the journey..

I always said that i love my messy hair, how it looks and how it tangled around. I always enjoyed each time people said that i looks like someone who just wake up, and that’s fine.. I like my self like this. And i don’t want to change. I want to stay the same. But… […]