“Life won’t go easy on you..”

I tried my best to do anything, and it’s just never enough.

I never tried to be anyone else but me, and sometimes people miss understood.
But that’s ok.
Because i don’t care about what people think about me. I care about what people see inside me.
i’m not perfect, and no one does.
so, let it be..

I failed to be a good medics, i failed to be a hockey MVP, i failed to be a good programmer, i never good to be a teacher, and i don’t bother to know that i do a lot of mistakes..
i just don’t want to failed to be friend for someone important to me.

The interesting part is i never try to make people remember me, i don’t want it too. I’d like to let people forget about me, so no one remember that i’m too awkward to live. Haha..
I’d like to let people remember me, only when they see me. When they meet me some other time after we long lose contact and said that “oh.. i remember you,” and mentioned my name correctly even though i don’t remember their name.
The best part of it is that i knew i, once, did something good for them.

I still having the introvert-side of myself, and sometimes, it forced me to think about people around me.
And today, it gave me this one thought.

“When i’m feeling down, i ain’t need someone to tell me that i’m bad, i’m not good in what am i doing, and that i should quit..

I don’t need someone who tell me that they knew my feeling and feel sorry about it.

I don’t need someone who can cry by my side, and give a warm hug, saying every thing is gonna be alright..

I need someone who can tell me the truth, saying that i am an idiot, but then telling me that i am the best that i can do.
That i can do everything if i just try a little bit harder, and put faith on every single step that i take.
I need someone who can encourage me to take a risk, telling me that if i’m not push my self into the limit, i will stuck here forever.
That if i said “I can’t do it”, they will laugh it off and tell me i am stupid, and make me believe, that if you can do it, you wouldn’t be here. So try again until i can do it.
Reminds me that everything happens for a reason.”

Yes, everything happens for a reason…




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