Untitled #1

Broken ∞ Infinity

I can’t even bother to write anymore.
Because the pain i feel inside of missing you. It makes me crazy.

You knew, i don’t believe anything that you said it’s eternal.
If things lasted forever, then coffee wouldn’t be cool. And clock will not ticking.
And feelings would stay the same. And you would still love me.

But, the cold hard truth is, nothing is eternal. Nothing last forever.
And the infinite is already broken.

Life simply goes on, and I’m trying to figure out where to go from here.

Because, i don’t think i’ll ever love someone as much as i love you.

Because, i’m just too scared to touch happiness only to have it taken away again.

You choose to leave me, and that’s fine. But actually it is not. And if that what makes you happy, then it’s okay.
Just to remind you, that i’m the only…

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