“I’m weird in my own way while you’re weird in your-own-view-of-what-weird-means-to-the-society’s way.”



Be weird and happy… You don’t need to be like other people to enjoy your life..
Remember, every single person is different from one to another. Don’t ask people to be the same because if it’s happen to you, it’s hurt…

And, if you choose a friend from the way they’re a lot like you, you’re mostly hide in your comfort zone..

I’m not a loner…
I don’t want to hurt people around me just for the sake to be accepted around them.

I know I’m different, and i choose to respect the difference between us.
I respect you, so i ask you to do the same. if you can’t do that… f**k you, and your miserable life and also your “fake” life..

I’m weird in my own way..
I know how to respect other people and behave like a lady.. But, ya.. sometimes I’m a jerk..!


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